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Name:Michael Hellickson
Company:Virtual Assistant Staffing
Address:PO Box 7617
City:Bonney Lake
Country:United States of America
Phone No:206-300-1000
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Michael Hellickson
What is Virtual Assistant Staffing ™?

Have you ever asked yourself, “How are the big corporations able to make a profit when my margins are so narrow?”? Well, there are many answers to that question, the biggest, and most obvious is that they outsource a TON of their work to virtual assistants in emerging countries like India, The Philippines, and Central American Countries. “Why then, shouldn’t we?” we asked ourselves. And so began our journey across continents to discover the answer.

After years of searching, trial and error, successes and failures, we finally figured it out. The fruits of our years and years, and thousands and thousands of hours of work became what is now known as Virtual Assistant Staffing™ LLC.

We started by using the services of virtual assistants in our own real estate business. At the time, we had over 44 full time employees, and we were spending over $125,000 per MONTH in payroll! As you can imagine, we felt very strongly that this needed to change, and let me tell you, IT DID!! (In fact, I was able to cut it to below $40,000/month, and got MORE WORK DONE!!)

So, as our businesses grew, our friends, colleagues, and even our competitors began asking us “How can I find and use virtual assistants in my business?” At first we tried simply pointing them to the many virtual assistant “classified” websites out there, but that was a mess.  They either sounded good because they were cheap, but did little to screen applicants and make sure they weren’t scams, crooks, or just plain incompetent, or they were far too expensive for the service they were (or were not) providing.

Then, we tried recommending virtual assistant staffing companies to them, but alas, they too were either too expensive, or simply didn’t perform or even stand by their work. It didn’t take long for us to realize that there was a tremendously underserved niche in the marketplace. Small (mom and pop) to medium sized (up to 500 employees) businesses that could benefit from using virtual assistants, but needed help finding, engaging, training, supervising, and at times disciplining their virtual assistants. These businesses were the lifeblood of America, and were hurting the most from high overhead, taxation, and a workforce that was far too expensive (and often simply lacked qualified applicants).

And so Virtual Assistant Staffing™ was born.

Our mission is simple: Bring high quality, affordable Virtual Assistant Staffing™ solutions to small businesses Worldwide, while helping our clients, our employees, and ourselves lead balanced, productive and enjoyable lives that also enhance the lives of everyone we touch.
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